Craig was an integral part of Crash Media Group Limited since it’s inception in 1999 and, even before that, was an important key member of the founding group which launched the online motorsport magazine which was to become one of the busiest destinations for motorsport fans on the internet.

Craig is a mature, responsible, dependable, conscientious and utterly professional individual. Whether a news story breaks at midday or at midnight, he can always be relied upon to deliver in a timely and professional manner, a skill which is imperative in today’s cut and thrust world of online deadlines and the insatiable demands of the internet.

Craig was a welcome attendee during management meetings, helping to mould the future editorial direction of Crash.net and working closely with the technical and commercial teams, showing an ability to motivate individuals within a high pressured environment and appreciating the fine balance required between editorial and commercial demands of the modern era, be it in online or offline media.

These days we continue to utilise Craig’s skills within the pages of Autocourse, the world’s leading Grand Prix annual. His reviews of motorsport championships are informative, entertaining and accurate, always delivered on time, meeting each and every criteria set – in fact, we could not wish for a more reliable and valued contributor.

I cannot praise Craig highly enough for the loyalty and dedication that he has shown to me and the organisations that I have been involved with over the years. I have absolutely no hesitation in praising him to the rafters and, should I ever be in a position to work with him again full-time, would not think twice about hiring him. He would always be my first choice!

 Bryn Williams – Crash Media Group

It was always a pleasure working with Craig, he just got stuff done! It could have been anytime, day or night, and he’d be working hard. A very professional person with great results!

 Katherine Legge – Indycar driver